#TOPIF escaped!

March 14, 2014

Watch how anxious #TOPIF is to get to his release date.

My new book The Opposite of #Poverty Is #Friendship is about to be released soon.

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Why Am I Flying high?

March 10, 2014

Because in 24 hours I should have the first ever printed copy of #TOPIF in my hands. And a few days after that, you should be able to get yours my#friends. Sign up to be notified if you haven’t already.

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#TOPIF escaped!, My Motivation for writing


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My Motivation for writing “The Opposite Of Poverty Is Friendship”

March 10, 2014

In 2013 I lost one of my dearest friends in a senseless act of violence and it made me reflect on the incredible value of friendship. Our world is so different without our friends. This devastating loss also brought tremendous gratitude for the friendships I’m blessed to have. It reminded me of how precious these relationships are and all the amazing things I learned about friendships over the years. I wanted to share what I learned.

Book Cover Design-C

This book isn’t (more…)

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Welcome To My Blog

March 8, 2014

Book Cover Design-C-02Welcome to my official blog. I’m excited to announce that in the next few days my new book “The Opposite Of Poverty Is Friendship” will be released.

Told through personal stories and containing some great advice about how to manage challenges that friendships face, the book is a reminder that life is almost meaningless without your friends; they are your greatest treasure.


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