April 26, 2014


“You become unstuck when fear of the unknown is no longer enough to paralyze you”

It feels like death by a thousand cuts.  You can’t move forward in life, you can’t move backward.  You can’t get beyond this dreadful, claustrophobic, painful loop. You can’t get over him. You can’t seem to find her.  This life, this job, this residue of pain past, this dream that always seems beyond your reach, they all weigh you down like a steel anchor.  You’re stuck and it’s driving you mad.

stuck horse - head

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The Power of ONE

April 21, 2014

When I began writing “The Opposite Of Poverty Is Friendship” all I had was a blank page.  The only two things I shouldn’t be thinking about were the only two things I thought about. “How the hell do I get from blank page to book?”  That fear and anxiety can be paralyzing. To me, “blank page” meant I had absolutely nothing.  It felt like somebody asked me to fill a swimming pool using nothing but a tea spoon to carry water.

But have you ever put a bucket under a leaky faucet to catch the drips?  By morning the bucket is overflowing with water. Yet the night before you were probably thinking; they’d legalize marijuana before that happens…no, wait!

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Don’t “Live” In Your Crisis

April 20, 2014

Stop playing with yourself. Stop fooling yourself. Stop lying to yourself.  You owe it to yourself.  Last night was a cool night, but the humming sound of the air conditioner is a necessary lullaby to put me to sleep.  I started to shiver around midmorning so I put on my thin red jacket to avoid having to turn off the AC.  The zipper got stuck half way and between sleep and wake I tried jiggling it and applied a bit of force to zip it down as I realized a part of the jacket was caught in its zipper.  It wouldn’t go back down, so I crashed on the bed, just so.

Don't put down luggage

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Always and Fornever

April 19, 2014

Chris Rock once joked of a woman telling her husband that a lady in her office was trying to “destroy her.” He responded, “You work at J.C. Penny! What is she doing? Ripping up your office paper?” His sarcasm showed that people can be so dramatic and while some events may be big, we shouldn’t make them bigger than they really are.

“Always” and “Never” are two of the most lethal judgment words used in an argument and should always be avoided and never used (yeah, I did that on purpose.) “You’re always complaining!” “I could never do anything right in your eyes!” “You always want sex.” “You never show me any kind of affection.”breathe


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Humanly Courageous

April 17, 2014

It’s in the moment the back of your fingers disrupt the flow of break-up tears
Choosing carrots for fries though your waistline remains stubborn
A quiet resolve to not be infected by their judgments (more…)

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Talk Like A Man, Listen Like A Dog

April 16, 2014

I’ve been fantasizing about fighting a friend.  I’ve been playing this clip in my mind for the past few days. Here’s how it goes:  She walks into a bookstore and at that moment realizes that I’ve just written a book. It’s become a number one best seller and my face is on a row of books leading up to the counter like those yellow reflector lights guiding a plane up the runway.

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