Overlooking Your Most Valuable Asset

The Opposite Of Poverty Is Friendship is a wake-up call to stop getting lost in the daily grind and teaches through personal stories of friendship how to get more out of life by investing in human relationships.


Using friendship as the cornerstone of all meaningful relationships, the book accomplishes its goal through inspiring and insightful lessons, learned through years of experience  and careful observation, all lovingly told through compelling and entertaining personal stories.

Its premise is that contrary to popular belief and regardless of one’s financial status, true wealth is only achieved by investing in human relationships and those who do are richer than they think. They amass an army of people always willing to support them emotionally, financially, spiritually and physically, making them truly rich.  While those who neglect to invest in their friendships are those who are truly living in poverty regardless of their material possessions.  This becomes abundantly clear when life hits them with troubles that money cannot resolve such as heartache, loneliness, sickness and death.

The book will change the way you view your role in relationships with people you care about.  It identifies barriers to maximizing these relationships and offers solutions to overcome them to the benefit of all involved.

The Opposite Of Poverty Is Friendship is a call to refocus on what we instinctively know is important but we neglect and take for granted.  Friendships are our most valuable yet most overlooked asset. To live abundantly we must take time to invest in and protect these awesome human relationships.


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