Change Is Good

 It only takes one solitary instant for your whole life to change, and that’s a good thing.  When you’ve gone on twenty job interviews, you only need one person to call you back.  If you’re down on your luck just remember that it only takes a single “yes” to change your whole life.  One phone call, one college application letter, one person to notice you and ask you out, it can all change “like that!” famous_quote_change_is_good

A friend of mine posted the following on twitter: “No No No No No No No No No No No YES!”  When I asked him what it was he said that in business and in life you may receive constant rejections but there is always a “yes” waiting behind each of those and if you continue to try you will eventually come to a “yes” and it will all be worth it.

That’s certainly been my experience.  What about you?  What single moment has changed your life forever in a good way?

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