The Beauty Of Mondays

Duran Price: We’ve been programmed to hate some of the most beautiful things in life and Mondays, despite its grace and faithful sunshine is often near the top of that list.

More than any other day of the week, Mondays represent forgiveness, a fresh start, the pen of your life gets placed back into your hands, so you can write your own future. After a hard week, we look forward to Fridays for a distraction, to forget, to pretend the challenge isn’t there, and that break is necessary. But it is Mondays that put you back in control, that erases your debt of last week and says, hey we got this, lets try again!


Similar to my mention in #TOPIF of Glennon Doyle Melton’s view of grace being like the sun, Mondays will always forgive you and gives you another chance for a wonderful ending, always.

We give the color blue a bad rap “why so down and blue?” and the color black is meant to refer to almost every negative thing on the planet, except an american express black card, and Halle Berry. Vegetables, and even challenges which are only opportunities in disguise, all get painted as ugly when they are indeed majestic.

Mondays are absolutely beautiful because it’s on your side. It will always, always, always give you another chance to be the best you that you can be. Recognize it’s beauty and #friendship.

Liking gives me energy 🙂

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