Excuses Are Like Terrorists

Excuses are like terrorists and you should not negotiate with them.  They sabotage your plans, torture your goals, and kill your dreams.  If you want to accomplish important goals and celebrate your dreams come true, you cannot negotiate with excuses.  Here’s what to look out for and how to defeat them.

excuses - a year from now

A morning run is a great way to get in shape and shed some unwanted pounds.  Many people make plans to do so but then excuses learn of your plans and try to derail them.  You feel them lie in the bed next to you before you even open your eyes. Their tactical weapon is mind games:

   –  ” Dude, where are you going so early in the morning?  You haven’t had enough sleep yet.  Aren’t you still sleepy?”

That’s where excuses start.  And if you resist this first level of interrogation, these terrorists move on to seductive reasoning:

   – “Why don’t you leave this for another day? You work hard and you can’t do anything well if you don’t have enough rest.”

 Determined to see you fail, the ambush continues:

   – “Besides, today is Thursday.  Why not wait till next Monday and start at the beginning of the week, because that’s makes more sense?”

Finally, sensing they’ve already won, they give you another blow for good measure, because that’s what terrorists do:

   – “Or at least , turn off the alarm and stay in bed a few minutes more. You deserve it! You won’t oversleep, I promise !”

Your goal quietly and expertly silenced, even getting you to participate in the process.

Well, three months and twenty pounds later, you’re left with more fat and more excuses.   You have to recognize that excuses live to make sure your dreams don’t come true.  When you bring your dreams to life, excuses die.  This is a war and only one will survive.

If you want to win this battle so that your plans can be developed, your goals achieved and your dreams come true,  you can never negotiate with excuses.   The best way to win this battle is to remember this one thing. Never listen to a word they say.

Close the door. Don’t even entertain a conversation with them.   If you realize you’re already at the table talking with them, negotiating , saying you’re going to give this and receive that, you already lost. To overcome them, get some earplugs.  You can’t lose if you don’t play their silly game.  The minute excuses whisper something in your ear, jump up immediately and do the opposite of what they are suggesting.

Don’t even think about it as discipline.  Think about the tasks you have to accomplish as non-negotiating facts, as easy and automatic as breathing.  Do what you have to do without thinking, without wondering, without discussing it.   Just do what you have to do.  It can be anything.

This advice seems simple but will have great impact. When you hear the alarm in the morning, wake up then get up! If you invite the terrorists to the table to talk to you, you’ve already lost the battle. Do you negotiate.  When your dreams call you and require action, put on those ear buds, block out the excuse conversations, listen to the music of goals and like Nike says, just do it.

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