Finish Your Breakfast

The inability to finish what we start sometimes seems like a biological human defect.  We get all excited by shiny new things but quickly bore of them before their value is realized.  Half-finished building construction, beginning to learn a foreign language, switching partners at the first sign of trouble.  Even in starting a new small business or going after your dream, the only thing more important that starting the effort, is seeing it through to the end, finishing your breakfast.


The term comes from the late John Strickland, a local NY basketball legend and mentioned in the Jay-Z song Public Service Announcement; “My homey Strick told me, “dude finish your breakfast.”  It was later immortalized on special edition Nike tennis shoes in honor of Strickland’s accomplishments.

I’m beginning to learn to apply this to areas of my life where I’ve been cavalier at times.  It’s also made me more aware of committing to things verbally with no strong intention of complying.  “Let’s do lunch”, “I’ll call you later”,  “I’ll be there at 7 o’clock.”   Something amazing happens when we finish our breakfast, when we see things through to the end.  Beyond the sense of accomplishment, we are shaping our characters and preparing ourselves for greater things with every follow through.  When we don’t finish our breakfast, we become weaker, unreliable, more prone to failure.

This week commit to something you’ve been putting off, finish it and tick it off your list.  Prove to yourself that you can do it, and then ask yourself, what other things can I achieve if I only commit to finish what I’ve started, if I only commit to finishing my breakfast?

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