A Form Of Godliness

“I’m more humble than all of y’all!” That was the response from a church pastor during a discussion where he was told that perhaps the reason he could not understand what was being said was because he was not being humble enough to receive the message.  Yup, his response

to a request for humility was “I’m more humble than all of y’all!”

We should be weary of only having some vague similarity to goodness when our essence misses the mark.  I once met a teacher who told me they were repulsed by kids.  We all know the politicians who walk into a room and expect everyone to serve them, clueless of what the term “minister” means.

Sometimes we get caught up in word or title (God, sex, religion, etc.) but we completely miss the essence of a thing, and that’s just tragic.  It’s like telling someone you love them but you never have any time to grant them a wish that pleases them.  E. Tolle uses the analogy of a sign post to drive this point home.

He says that the danger in how we use words like “God” is that it’s just a word.  It’s a sign post pointing to the essence of something.  But what if we don’t pay any attention to what it’s pointing to.  What if we only get caught up in the sign.  “my God this, or that”.  Then all of a sudden you have a mental idol that you worship (the sign post) and completely miss the fact that the word was meant to be a pointer to the essence of God.

 So if you want to slap someone because they offended you and your “god” or because you disapprove of their lifestyle, you could be denying the very essence of God (Love) because you are more focused on the sign post, your mental idol, than the essence of God and what God represents.

The green sign above that says “Faith” is not faith. Same goes for saying you love or care about someone.  Or friendship.  It’s much more important to understand that these words were only meant to be a sign post pointing to the essence of a thing, and they are not to be confused with the thing itself.  It’s like having a form of godliness but denying it’s true power.

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