Why Does It Matter If I Show Up?


How would you feel at your graduation ceremony if no one you knew showed up to support you?  No family, no friends.  The room is filled with 1500 people, and they all applaud when you get your certificate, the same as they do with all the other candidates, but none of your friends were there to witness it.

With everyone else, you see their excited contingent of four or five people.  You hear people screaming your classmates’ names as they walk up. Gratitude & Inspiration You see the embraces afterwards.

There’s nothing more important to us than human connection.  The face of your friend, of your family member, would make all the difference to you in that situation.  If your friend is going through an event they are really emotional about, like moving into a new house, it doesn’t matter if the world shows up or not. What matters is that you do.

Likes give me energy 😉

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