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Actually feeling your heart smile! Yesterday a friend of mine told me how happy she was for me that my new book The Opposite Of Poverty Is Friendship was officially released. She wanted to share it with the world. Her enthusiasm and genuine joy for me lit up my heart like that moment electricity is restored to your home after a dark storm.

You know the feeling. You’ve been waiting in the dark for hours with no power. No cell phone service, no internet, no light, no sound. Just heat, discomfort, and a 4 inch candle wickering in the corner. And then woosh! In a single instant you hear the humming of the refrigerator and light shines everywhere throughout the home. The answering machine beeps. You hear neighbors cheering “YEAH!” like someone just scored a touchdown. You smile and can feel the relief and joy.

That’s how I felt yesterday. I could actually feel my heart muscles form a smile the size of the kool-aid man’s. All because I could see and feel my friend’s genuine happiness for me as I celebrated the release of The Opposite Of Poverty Is Friendship. She actually made me happy through her happiness for me. I felt an immense feeling of gratitude.

The most precious gifts in life are the ones we can’t earn. That’s why its so spectacular when we give it away. Real friends are great at that!


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