Invisible But Valid

You’re afraid he may leave you, I get it.  Even though he treats you like cow dung much of the time.  People are dismissive and call you stupid. It’s easy to waive off any explanation of why someone would stay in a situation like that because they are not the sum of all the experiences

that make you you.  They get to glance over your life in 3 seconds, erroneously making points like misplaced decimals on patient prescriptions that annually kill thousands.

Korean co-pilots had a history of not informing the captain if they realized their flight was in danger, even when it meant the death of all onboard.  Don’t be dismissive.  There were reasons.  Those who took the time to understand the culture and the reasons were able to help effect change that solved this dilemma.

Most human behaviours have a rational explanation once you understand the values and the circumstances that drive them.

~Terry Newman via Quora

The light bulb in your home doesn’t need you to understand how electricity works before it is able to provide light.  It will provide light when switched on, whether you understand it or not.  No one has to understand or make sense out of your trails or challenges for them to be real.  They are real whether other people understand or not, whether they think you’re stupid or not, whether they think you’re stubborn or not.  And there are reasons why things are they way they are.

That’s not to say change may not be required or beneficial.  In the case of Korean airlines, change was required and an understanding person was the trusted bridge to help build change.  We don’t have to be discovered to be lost, only to be led out of the place where we are.  Sometimes however, when persons find us where we are, they get to see we weren’t lost at all, just in a different part of the room than they were in, with a different, yet just as valid point of view.



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