Life Is Hard, But Compared To What?

Life’s a bitch I’ve heard them say. Complaining about everything in life is a national pastime, with regular meetings held everywhere from Starbuck’s sofas to St. Matthews parking lots, on phone calls and blog posts and headlines and bedrooms and boardrooms and practically anywhere at least two people get together. We constantly complain about life and everything in it.

You wouldn’t believe what she did! Those company rates are criminal! Tell me what you think about this! The government needs to fix it! I don’t know how long I can stay with him! I feel so lonely! The price of everything is too high! I hate that I had to get out of bed this morning!

Oh really? Perhaps the alternative to life may interest you?

And this is where it gets interesting. Life is all we know. It’s what we cherish. It’s what we pay any price to have if something threatens to take it away from us. Our life is the most precious thing we have in the world. So stop behaving like it isn’t.

Catch yourself complaining then tone it down. Find yourself thrusted into an impromptu complainer’s meeting at the water cooler? Be polite and excuse yourself. If you’re constantly looking at the bottom of someone’s shoes, you’re likely to find crap. You can’t see heaven if you’re not looking up.

And that’s ultimately the point here. Crap exists, but there is far more beauty in the world to admire. Since life is all we have, we should spend as much of it in the beautiful as possible. Though it gets hard sometimes let’s be careful of how much we complain lest we chase her away. Because I’m down with the poet Nasir on this one; Life’s a bitch but God forbid the bitch divorce me.

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