Money Is A Talent Scout

To receive a pat on the back for doing a good job, you have to actually get caught doing a good job. The only way to get caught doing a good job is to always be doing a good job. And by good I mean A+, 100%.

A person that is in pursuit of their dream, their craft, their job everyday is the person who has achieved “success”. Being successful should not be confused with “recognition” of your success. Being successful means to pursue your dream daily. When you do this, you will eventually “get caught doing it”. And when you do, you will be recognized for already being a success.

You will be recognized with prizes, with money, with pats on the back. You will be recognized with new customers, new opportunities, and desires fulfilled. Most people sit back, do nothing, and dream of recognition. Because they think “recognition” is success. That’s why they will never achieve it. You will only be successful if you repeatedly do what you ought to, everyday.

So when do you become successful? Daily. If you do what you were supposed to do today, then you are successful today. The same thing applies to tomorrow and and the day after that. Even if you die in pursuit you are successful, because as long as you are in pursuit of your dream, you are doing all that is required of you and this is success. Recognition is a direct result of this for those who are consistent doing it.

To become a professional athlete you have to start at a very young age. For sports like soccer and basketball, talent scouts are always on the look out for young kids in pursuit of their dream. They are looking to catch them being a success by pursuing their craft. When they catch them successfully pursuing their craft, they reward them with a pat on the back and a chance to go to a specific training school, to continue their success which is the constant, relentless pursuit. Eventually this will become a million dollar recognition.

Money doesn’t create success. Success creates money. Money scouts out talent, it scouts out the constant pursuit, it looks to catch you doing a good job. The only way to get it is to already be doing a good job. And by good I mean A+, 100%.

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