Real Friends “Feel”

Friends Feel

Have you ever seen the squirm on a guy’s face if he sees someone on TV get kicked in the groin? It’s the same feeling we get if we see some skateboard kid try to jump a railing but lands right on the rail, then slithers down the side of the poll in excruciating pain.

We “feel” that crush as if we were imagining how it would feel if it happened to us. Whether the pain is physical or emotional, if our friends go through a rough time, WE FEEL IT!

Latinos have a great way of expressing this; “lo siento.” We normally translate this to mean “I’m sorry” but its literal translation is “I feel it”. So while in English if something happens to our friends we may say “I’m so sorry”, in Spanish it would be “lo siento mucho” or “I feel it”, as in I can relate to what you are going through so much that I actually feel it. What a beautiful expression.

The reason your realest friends call to check in on you when you lose your job, or cry when you cry, or run to defend you when someone tries to attack you is because they can feel your pain as if it was happening to them. They feel like “we” just got kicked in the gut. Even in pain, there is comfort in knowing someone gets how we feel. Feel me?

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