The Illusion Of Our Separateness

What if I told you, “you’re not the same as that drunkard man on the street, but rather YOU ARE that drunkard man on the street.” What if I told you we are all pieces and dimensions of each other?

Just because you don’t recognize him or he doesn’t recognize you, does not make it any less true, it just means that you are not currently aware you are one.

I think empathy is the pathway to God because it is only then we begin to realize that “I have to do something because what if that was me?”

And that’s where the spark starts. Though you may not completely realize it yet, you are everyone else on this planet; The genius, the wretched, the happy and the tormented. Forget the shapes and sizes and circumstances you see your ‘other-selves’ in. That’s only an illusion.

Look beyond that and begin to see yourself. Then take care of each other, because you will be taking care of yourself.

What do you think? Is it possible, like Alanis says in this music video, that we are all one?

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