Things Will Get Better, I Promise

“Even a broken clock is right twice a day.”
~ Stephen Hunt, The Court of the Air

Hold_On_TightMartha contemplated taking her own life. I’ve learned that we stand on the edge far more than our friends know. I wrote about Martha in my book, but the lesson stays with me all the time.

For even more of us even if we’re not on the ledge, we can get seriously depressed when things are just not going right. Not enough money to take care of our responsibilities. Not having the job or partner we want despite begging God on ashy knees, hands clasped. Even feeling like you just don’t know what you want to do with your life, but you so desperately want to get on with it and do something meaningful and fulfilling.

Sometimes your life may feel like a clock, spinning around in circles but never quite at that moment where you want it to be. But I assure you, just like a broken clock even if your life feels out of whack, there will come a time when everything will be just right.

JUST HOLD ON! That’s your job. If you’re waiting for your stars to be aligned north at 12:00. JUST HOLD ON! I promise that it happens. Don’t let the other times fool you, your time is coming. It will get better. Just make sure you’re looking for it and anticipate it, otherwise you’ll miss it and have to wait for the next cycle, but it is coming!

In a thunderstorm the rain pours down like an army of millions of droplets falling with the weight of five pound stones. It seems like it will never end. It just pours and pours. Then a moment arrives when it slows down, then stops. Then the sun comes out in all its glory. I like to wrap my arms around that sunshine. I know in life, that the thunderstorm will come again. If I’m in the sunshine I enjoy it. If I’m in the thunderstorm, I wait and wait and wait. Because I know, that sun is gonna shine again. I anticipate it and I hold on until it does. Though the rain beats me down, I hold on. At noon the hands of my clock will be raised high and my sun will shine as bright as ever. I just have to hold on.

And as friends, we hold on to each other.

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